Insulating Tape Black Acetate Cloth Beam Wire Electronic Bandaging Flame Retardant High Temperature Wraping Machine HJ35-I

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  • Brand: UE
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Automotive wire harness winding machine Maintenance engineer use HJ35-I

Looking for partners, #distributors/ #agents for #Handheld wire harness tape #wrapping machine,

The #tapewindingmachine is mainly used for winding #tape around the periphery of cables used in #automobiles, #motorbikes and #aviation, to mark, fix and insulate them. It provides automation for the forming, placing and winding of complex #wire #harnesses on enterprise production lines, reducing tedious operational processes, improving work efficiency, reducing enterprise operating costs and increasing enterprise product efficiency.

Target customers: wire harness factories, water, heating and air conditioning installation companies, high voltage line installation companies, electricians, etc.

Brand NameUE
Item TypeCables;Adapters & Sockets
Item Weight3kg
Model nameHJ35-I
OriginMainland China

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