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Super mute Wire splicing machine WPM-TDJ04M

Super mute Wire splicing machine WPM-TDJ04M
Model No: WPM-TDJ04MThe wire splicing machine is equipped with streamlined internal mechanical parts to reduce wear and replacement. It features a variable frequency motor drive, eliminating conventional clutch operation delay and failure while providing high torque, low vibration, exceptional stability, and ultra-quiet operation.
Model WPM-TDJ04M
Capacity 1.5Ton
Stoke 23mm
Applicable copper belt 1-6mm, molds change according to copper belts
Energy consumption
Working 6000times, A kilowatt hour (No load)
Operation Single-action pedal
Motor Asynchronous motor AC220V 550W
Power AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Measurement 430*430*430mm
Weight 45kg

Wire splicing machine,  Copper Belt Crimping Machine,  Wire Connection Welding Machine
It’s an upgraded wire splicing machine, that streamlines internal mechanical parts, to reduce wear and replacement.
A variable frequency motor drive, no conventional clutch operation delay, failure, torque, vibration,
high stability, and provides an ultra-quiet working environment.
No flywheel design, standby motor is at a standstill. It will rotate just when working, saving energy.
The machine works in the range of 1-20 times, and the interval time is in the range of 0-20min.
Simple operation.

Apply for:
Connection with the resistance of neon, LED, and wires.
The slide switch is connected to the wires.
Connect the high temperature of the heating elements.
Sensitive components(such as reed switches, and temperature fuses) connection.
Transformer tap connections with wires.
The headphone cable card set the pipeline fixed.

Wire and lead connections.


Model TDJ04M 1.8T TDJ04M 3.0T TDJ04M 4.0T
Power supply voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Pressing force 1800kg 3000KG 4000KG
Motor power 0.55KW 1.0KW 1.5KW
Feed length 22mm 32mm 42mm
Copper strip width 2/4/6mm 6/8/10mm 6/8/10mm
Size 310x450x480mm 330x600x630mm 430x700x730mm
Weight 45kg 110kg 130kg


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