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Semi-automatic Cable Cutting Winding Meter Counting Machine WPM-2009LC

Semi-automatic cable cutting winding meter counting machine WPM-2009LC
Model No: WPM-2009LCSemi-automatic cable cutting and winding machine with meter counting function, WPM-2009LC is suitable for the winding of various types of cables including AC power cables, DC power cables, USB cables, video cables, HDMI cables, and other transmission and binding rubber-coated iron wires.
Winding speed 1-10 circles/sec
Tying wire length 120-200mm
Cable tie Rubber wrapped iron wire
Suitable Coil diameter for tying φ18-45mm
Voltage AC220V 60Hz
Cable coil diameter non-standard (customizable)
Rated Power <200W
Winding interval non-standard (customizable)
Total weight 40KG
Tying speed 0.6 times/sec
Dimensions L500*W300*H400mm

Semi-automatic cable cutting winding meter counting machine
Two parallel lines wire winding coiling machine-, Wire Measuring Cutting and Cable Winding Machine a copy of the application: WPM-2009LC suitable for winding AC power cable, DC power cable, USB cable, video cable, HDMI cable, etc., transferring cables and tying with rubber wrapped iron wire by twisting rubber wrapped iron wires together.
Also applicable to other products that need to be tied, such as clothes hangers, bathroom hose industries, etc.
1. WPM-2009LC added functions of the automatic meter measuring and cutting based on the original functions of wire winding tying.
2. Equipped with four motors for winding cable
3. Use a PLC computer-programmed touch screen to control metering length, cable tie length, automatically cutting cable tie, and cable tie twisted together.
4. Can set times of tying around the cable coil and speed of winding arbitrarily.


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